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Ways to use SpeakSake in your life

Whether you're gathering a big group for a birthday SpeakSake, or your immediate family for a Father's Day SpeakSake,
everyone will have fun participating in this unique gift experience!

You can even give a SpeakSake from just one person (i.e. husband to wife, daughter to mother, sister to sister or friend to friend).
Record a single message or have fun calling in a series of messages for the recipient! A SpeakSake from one person to another
makes an incredibly meaningful gift.

Be as creative as you want - there are countless ways to give SpeakSake!

Click below for more ideas...

"I will never forget this birthday. Happy tears were indeed shed!"   - Johnny W.

"Most thoughtful gift. Tears guaranteed. I love the idea of SpeakSake.

The perfect gift for a big birthday, SpeakSake allows the recipient’s friends and family to call in to a private number and leave individual messages. The company then puts all the messages onto a beautifully packaged disk, and voila–the most thoughtful gift you could possibly send. All you have to do is email people with instructions on where to leave a message!"

- Yolanda Edwards, executive editor of Martha Stewart Living magazine and co-founder of momfilter.com

SpeakSake is like an audio surprise party for birthdays big and small!

Ideas for Your Birthday SpeakSake:
- Invite your guests to talk about their favorite memories of the recipient
- Tell a joke or funny story
- Sing happy birthday
- Share what they love about the recipient
- Or simply say "Happy Birthday!"

Poems, barking dogs, quotations - encourage your guests to get creative and have fun seeing what they come up with!

"It was the most amazing gift I've ever received. ...EVERYONE should get one of these as a gift at some time in their lives!!!"

- Renée P.

Call in congratulations, jokes and words of wisdom for the graduate!

Or arrange a group SpeakSake for a graduating class, team, club or group of friends where everyone can call in memories and stories.

It’s the ultimate collection of moments, people and memories from this special time in life.

"It was better than we had even hoped for. It made him laugh, smile, tell us stories.  Thank you!"

- Melissa

Surprise your dad with a Father's Day gift he'll never expect!

Leave funny messages to make him laugh, make him smile with your favorite memories of him, or let him know what a great dad he is with your words of love and appreciation. Read a quote he loves, tell him his favorite joke or share how he's impacted your life.

It's a Father's Day gift he'll save forever; something he'll love replaying years from now.

"The teachers absolutely loved their gifts!  They loved that it was something different and very special and really captured the spirit and personalities of the children."

- Heather C.

What do teachers want in a gift? According to a poll conducted by National Education Association, most teachers would like to "hear the words thank you." And what better way for teachers to hear words of appreciation than through the voices of their students?

"I was lucky to have found Speaksake when I did. In the midst of wracking my brain for a unique gift for my son's class to give to their teacher at the end of the year, I read a blog about Speaksake and it turned out to be the perfect solution.

Our teacher received a cd filled with 31 adorable, first grade voices telling her how much they'd miss her and love her. I couldn't have dreamed of a better gift and our teacher was so touched.

If you are looking for something extraordinary, heartfelt, personal and timeless to give to your loved one, look no further. Speaksake is different, well-produced, affordable and most importantly, created by a wonderful company.

Jim [the SpeakSake inventor] is extremely responsive, communicative and upbeat -- the consummate professional. He genuinely cares about his clients and the product they are receiving, and will go the extra mile to make sure that everything was taken care of and well received.

I can't wait to work on another Speaksake CD."

- Lisa H. (Check out Lisa's blog post about her SpeakSake gift!)

"This is one coveted memento. I love it."

- Mary E.

Celebrate this milestone with memories, stories and recognition of a job well done.

An incredible way to show someone the impact they had during their career. A wonderful opportunity for their peers to tell them how much they're appreciated.

From jokes to audio toasts, a SpeakSake celebration is the perfect retirement tribute.

"My parents love the Speaksake, my dad called it a 'genius gift.'  They are really enjoying listening to all their messages."

- Elizabeth S.

"My parents are going to flip out when they hear this."

- Roberta B.

Celebrate a special anniversary with a happy couple!

Share your stories and give a toast. Call in memories and jokes. Leave words of love and appreciation.

The couple will love listening to SpeakSake this year, and they'll also love replaying it on future anniversaries - a meaningful tribute and celebration that lasts a lifetime!

Imagine the couple hearing the voices of all their friends and family - memories, stories, jokes, words of wisdom and love.

With SpeakSake, everyone gets a chance to toast the bride and groom!

An easy way for everyone to give their best wishes. This gift will stand out and leave a lasting impact on the couple.
It starts as a fun group activity that turns into a beautiful family heirloom - a wonderful contribution to a new family!

Couples tell us they listen to their SpeakSake every few years and have an amazing time reliving all of the fun and warmth left by the people in their lives. They also look forward to sharing it with their children!


Planning a Wedding?

If you're getting married, SpeakSake will be an unforgettable addition to your wedding!

Audio Guestbook:
Invite guests to call in and simply say hello, and—ta-da!—you get a keepsake recording of everyone who was a part of your ceremony.

Audio Scrapbook:
Create an amazing record of your event by asking guests to talk about their favorite memories, stories and highlights of the wedding.

Audible Time Capsule:
Invite guests to share their memories of the bride and groom, tell stories about the couple, leave jokes or whatever strikes them. You'll end up with an incredible collection of messages ranging from childhood memories to inside jokes to whatever your guests dream up!

SpeakSake is also the perfect solution for guests who can't attend the wedding - it allows them to be a part of the event and contribute even if they're miles away!

"She listened to it on Tuesday morning before she wanted to go shopping. She gave me a call at about 1 p.m. and told me that she hasn't been able to go shopping yet because she was crying the whole morning, being so touched. So it was a total success. Thanks again for having created such a wonderful possibility..."

- Katrin F.

"We have had so much fun doing this!  I can’t wait until my mom hears the CD – I know that she will be thrilled."

- Kim

Imagine her face when she hears the voices of her family - instant tears of happiness!

It will make her day to hear her children say "I love you, Mom." Hearing her kids describe their happiest memories with her is something she'll treasure forever.

She'll also love having the voices of her family preserved in heirloom quality. Imagine how she'll feel when she hears her children's voices ten years from now!

Ideas for your Mom or Grandmother

Call in a series of messages - anytime you think of a memory or something you love about her, you can simply pick up the phone and leave your thoughts.

Each person can call in messages on their own, or have fun doing it together as a family. Reminiscing, telling stories and laughing with each other will be a happy memory in itself!

Ideas for young children

- Get them talking about their mom (or any topic) - the possibilities are endless because anything her kids say is precious to her!

- You can help the kids call in a series of messages by having them answer a different question on each call. Or you can record a longer conversation with them. You'll have fun hearing their adorable responses!

- Questions to ask: What do you love about your mom? What are your favorite memories of her? What are your favorite things about her? What is she really good at? What has your mom taught you? What has she given you? Do you have any advice for her?

- Ask them to tell her a story or joke. Have them sing her a song or read her something.

Ideas for older children

- What are some of your favorite memories of your mom? Take your time and describe each memory. Let her know why it's a good memory and why it stands out in your mind.

- What do you love about your mom? What are your favorite things about her? What do you appreciate about your mom? Why is she a great mom?

- What has she taught you? How has she impacted your life?

- Say something to make your mom laugh - a joke, funny story, impersonation, song - whatever strikes you!

Ideas for spouses

- What are some of your favorite memories of your wife with your children?

- Tell her what you love and appreciate about her. What does she do for your kids that you appreciate? What makes her a great mom? What are some of your favorite things about her? Why are you glad that she's in your life?

- Make her laugh with a joke or funny story.

- Your message can be simple - she'll appreciate anything you say because it shows her you care. No matter what you say, you'll make her feel loved. Just have fun with your message!

"I love the ease of creating this audible time capsule that can be passed down from generation to generation."
                                                                                                                      - Gifts.com Gift Expert Gillian J.

Make it an annual tradition to share your favorite family memories!

Whether it's a small group or big group--immediate or extended family--everyone will have fun sharing stories and listening back as the years pass. A great activity for reunions, vacations, holidays or anytime.

It's also perfect for people who can't be together in person to be included in the group. A way to come together whether you're near one another or miles apart.

"I participated in one of these and had a blast. I then had the happy opportunity to listen to one in the company of the recipients of the gift. Boy did they light up with happiness and crying! ...Speaksake is a great idea being delivered by a great team of people, which makes for a great product that everyone can feel really great about..."

- Aaron L.

Welcome a new life into the world!

Share your special memories of their parents and wishes for their future.

It will be a treasured experience for new parents to hear the love, support and happiness from friends and family. And it will only become more meaningful when, years later, they can play the SpeakSake for their child.

"Thank you again for providing this opportunity to give my mom something that she has been missing so much since being hospitalized for such an extended time – hearing the people she loves."

- Kim

Use a SpeakSake to cheer up a sick loved one, friend or colleague. Hearing voices of support lets them know how much everyone cares.

Come together to cheer someone on and wish them well. Perfect for celebrating a new job, a trip to the playoffs or a move to a new town.

Have a loved one in the military? What could be a better gift than a collection of the voices of their friends & family. Send them updates, stories and lots of support.

A great way to show you care. Use it for an occasion we haven’t listed yet, or offer support, appreciation or condolences to someone in your life.

Watch someone light up with surprise and happiness when they open their SpeakSake during the holidays!

Imagine grandparents hearing their grandchildren say "Merry Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa! We love you!" Or a holiday host hearing guests say thanks. Or a friend hearing how much everyone in her life cares about her.

You can create a SpeakSake while everyone is gathered together or miles apart.

SpeakSake perfectly fits the mood of the holiday season - a time of the year when we tend to reflect, get swept up in the nostalgia of memories, count our blessings, reach out to others and simply think more about the people in our lives. Let everyone be a part of the warmth with a gift that will stand out from the others and be remembered long after the holidays end.

Also see "Family Memories" above for more holiday ideas!

"...love your company, your customer service, your attention to detail and your passion for creating a meaningful and unique gifts from loved ones for the ones they love."

- Lisa H.

There are countless ways to use SpeakSake.

Have an idea? We'd love to hear it!

If you're interested in creating a custom SpeakSake, we'd love to help you.

Contact us for more information: (917) 720-8985

Only $49.99

+ Pricing Details

We want everyone to have the unforgettable experience of receiving
a SpeakSake, so we've made sure it's affordable for any occasion!

Base price $49.99

Standard Shipping
2-3 business days

Rush Shipping

Gift Wrap

Add handpicked, premium wrapping paper and
grosgrain ribbon for an amazing gift experience.

Only $5.00

Unlimited Messages

+ No limits on messages or recording time

There are no limitations on your quantity of messages and no limits on total or individual message time.
Each message can be as long or short as you want, and you can have as many messages as you want.

SpeakSakes have ranged from a single message with a few minutes of audio to over 200 messages
with over 3 hours of audio.

SpeakSakes are fun and meaningful whether they involve a big group, a small family or a greeting
from one person to another.


Easy Invitations

+ Invite people to participate however you want

We provide you with a personalized invitation - all you have to do is share it.  Most people simply email their invitation.

You can customize your invitation by rewriting the text to say exactly what you want.  The more personal the better!

> View an example invitation <

Share your invitation any way you want...

Email   Copy and paste your invitation into your email program (most popular)

Facebook   Copy and paste the invitation into Facebook

Mail or Hand-delivery   Print out your invitation and mail it or even hand it out directly to guests

Verbal Invitation   Simply tell people, in person or over the phone

Any combination of the above or whatever else works for you!


+ What occasions is SpeakSake appropriate for?

Below are some of the many occasions and reasons to give a SpeakSake. But we encourage you to be creative and think of how it could be useful in your life! If you have an idea or a new type of SpeakSake you’d like to see, please email us.

- Holidays:
  Christmas, Thanksgiving & more
- Birthday
- Wedding
- Graduation
- New Baby
- Get Well
- Retirement
- Anniversary
- Good Luck
- Thinking of you

+ How much time should I allow to create a SpeakSake?

We recommend at least 10 days to 2 weeks for your SpeakSake order (from the time you start your order to your delivery date), but your SpeakSake can be created in under a week. Get started on your order and you can calculate ship dates and deadlines, or email us for more information.

+ What are my shipping options?

We offer Standard Shipping (USPS Priority Mail) for $6.95 and Overnight Shipping (USPS Overnight) for $19.99. Orders shipped with Standard shipping should arrive in 2-3 business days, and Overnight arrives the next business day.

+ What does a completed SpeakSake look like?

SpeakSake arrives packaged in a stylish, archival quality box. Inside your recipient will find
an insert that introduces their gift and a special petal closure holding their SpeakSake CD.
The first image in a slideshow

+ What is it like to create a SpeakSake?

It's fun and easy! You will be able to login to your account to listen to your messages as they come in, label them, and re-order them as you please. It's inspiring to hear all of the messages and to see the SpeakSake come together.

+ Is there anything I can do to prepare before ordering a SpeakSake?

In order to send your invitation out, you'll need a list of emails for the people you'd like to invite. If you don't have all of the emails you need, it might be helpful to partner with someone who does. We find that other people are usually excited to help!

+ My deadline is approaching fast - how do I get people to call in?

Send a reminder! We find that most invitees wait until the last minute to call. Sometimes we pick up the phone to remind key participants, which is especially helpful for those that don't check their email on a regular basis. Plus, if you need more time, you can switch to overnight shipping to extend your deadline.

+ How does SpeakSake work?

1. The people you select receive an email inviting them to leave a voice message for your recipient

2. They call our phone number and leave voice messages with their memories, greetings, and more

3. We put the messages on a custom “audio keepsake,” add special packaging and ship it to your recipient.
    They receive the voices of the people in their lives in a keepsake they can enjoy forever.