Below are some of the many occasions and reasons to give a SpeakSake. But we encourage you to be creative and think of how it could be useful in your life! If you have an idea or a new type of SpeakSake you’d like to see, please email us.

– Holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving & more
– Birthday
– Wedding
– Graduation
– New Baby
– Get Well
– Retirement
– Anniversary
– Good Luck
– Thinking of you

We recommend at least 10 days to 2 weeks for your SpeakSake order (from the time you start your order to your delivery date), but your SpeakSake can be created in under a week. Get started on your order and you can calculate ship dates and deadlines, or email us for more information.

We offer Standard Shipping (USPS Priority Mail) for $7.95 and Express Shipping (USPS Express) for $23.45. Orders shipped with Standard shipping should arrive in 2-3 business days, and Express arrives the next business day.

SpeakSake arrives packaged in a stylish, archival quality box. Inside your recipient will find an insert that introduces their gift and a special petal closure holding their SpeakSake CD.

It’s fun and easy! You will be able to login to your account to listen to your messages as they come in, label them, and re-order them as you please. It’s inspiring to hear all of the messages and to see the SpeakSake come together.

In order to send your invitation out, you’ll need a list of emails for the people you’d like to invite. If you don’t have all of the emails you need, it might be helpful to partner with someone who does. We find that other people are usually excited to help!

Send a reminder! We find that most invitees wait until the last minute to call. Sometimes we pick up the phone to remind key participants, which is especially helpful for those that don’t check their email on a regular basis. Plus, if you need more time, you can switch to overnight shipping to extend your deadline.

1. The people you select receive an email inviting them to leave a voice message for your recipient

2. They call our phone number and leave voice messages with their memories, greetings, and more

3. We put the messages on a custom “audio keepsake,” add special packaging and ship it to your recipient.
    They receive the voices of the people in their lives in a keepsake they can enjoy forever.