One SpeakSake, three options

Choose the option that works best for your loved one.

Pricing Details

Starting at only $29.99

We want everyone to have the unforgettable experience of receiving a SpeakSake,
so we’ve made sure it’s affordable for any occasion!


Give them the ability to hear their SpeakSake from anywhere with SpeakSake Digital!

Use the custom tools we provide to gather, arrange and edit their messages. The messages will then be collected and beautifully presented on their own website. Give it that extra personal touch by creating your own custom greeting!


First, we spruce up your messages using our custom audio process to make sure they’re sounding their best. Then we take the messages and put them on a memory card.

The card goes in the speaker, the speaker is wrapped in beautiful packaging then we send it off.

When your recipient receives it, they simply open the package and press the play button. The messages come pouring out loud and clear.

No additional equipment needed!


We put the messages on a customized audio CD & ship it to your recipient in a stylish, archival quality box. Inside your recipient will find an insert that introduces their gift and a special petal closure holding their SpeakSake CD. A beautiful, classic way to give your SpeakSake!

Unlimited Messages

No limits on messages or recording time

There are no limitations on your quantity of messages and no limits on total or individual message time. Each message can be as long or short as you want, and you can have as many messages as you want.

SpeakSakes have ranged from a single message with a few minutes of audio to over 200 messages with over 3 hours of audio.

SpeakSakes are fun and meaningful whether they involve a big group, a small family or a greeting from one person to another.

Easy Invitations

Invite people to participate however you want

We provide you with a personalized invitation – all you have to do is share it.  Most people simply email their invitation.

You can customize your invitation by rewriting the text to say exactly what you want.  The more personal the better!

Share Your Invitation

Any way you want...

Email   Copy and paste your invitation into your email program (most popular)

Facebook   Copy and paste the invitation into Facebook

Mail or Hand-delivery   Print out your invitation and mail it or even hand it out directly to guests

Verbal Invitation   Simply tell people, in person or over the phone

Any combination of the above or whatever else works for you!