from birthdays to weddings, people say

speaksake is the best gift
  I've ever received
an unforgettable keepsake collection
of voice messages from friends & family

stories, memories, jokes, laughter and love

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speaksake is a handcrafted audio keepsake
enclosed in a beautiful & unique handmade box
Step 1
Invite people to call and leave a message on our special phone number.

Our simple invitation system makes it easy!
Step 2
The people you've invited leave personalized voice messages for the recipient.

This is when the magic begins...
Step 3
We put the messages on a customized audio CD
& ship it to your recipient in a beautiful package.

They light up with delight!

Why SpeakSake?

Listen to these real SpeakSake messages from real people!

Looking for the perfect gift?

SpeakSake makes it easy to give anyone a gift they'll love. Hearing the people in your life say how much they care about you is something you never forget. Imagine receiving a recording with the voices of your grandparents, your closest friends, your children, all in one place - a lifetime keepsake filled with stories, greetings and love.

It's easy

Our system makes it easy to order, manage and complete your SpeakSake. We also make it easy for your guests to participate. They call one phone number and leave a message. That's it! No special equipment or skills needed. And people love being invited! As Aaron L. (one of our fans) said, "I participated in one of these and had a blast."

Beautiful Packaging

SpeakSake arrives packaged in a stylish, archival quality box. Inside your recipient will find
an insert that introduces their gift and a special petal closure holding their SpeakSake CD.

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people who love us

  • "Seriously Speak Sake was the best birthday present I have ever received. It meant so much to me to hear all of my friends and family say happy birthday to me, and to know that they were thinking of me. It made my day! It made me cry too, it was very emotional, it is a great"

    ~ Annika S.

  • "This is one coveted memento. I love it. "

    ~ Mary E.

  • "I participated in one of these and had a blast. I then had the happy opportunity to listen to one in the company of the recipients of the gift. Boy did they light up with happiness and crying! ... Speaksake is a great idea being delivered by a great team of people, which makes for a great product that everyone can feel really great about ..."

    ~ Aaron L.

  • "What a great suprise, so many voices came through from all chapters of my life, remembrance of fond memories, and even a few songs written especially for me!! What an amazing gift. Something I will cherish for a lifetime."

    ~ Kristin H.

  • "Once again I have to say how wonderful this concept is. I'm in tears hearing (the messages) and I'm not even the recipient!"

    ~ Meghan W.

  • "My Aunt told how honored she was that mom had named my sister after her in a very touching story. My sister did not know the story and had tears running down her face. In short it was beautiful."

    ~ Pam D.

  • "It turned out fabulous and was very engaging, funny, and a real 'hit' that he enjoyed and was a perfect addition to the event. If you are searching for the special gift (like I was )... this is it!"

    ~ Cindy A.

  • "I love the ease of creating this audible time capsule that can be passed down from generation to generation."

    ~ Gillian J.

  • "Well I can tell you that I will definitely recommend your site like a crazy woman to everyone I know. Your customer service is the best. Not only did you reply but I have already heard from your tech team!! How great is that. Thank you so much! My parents are going to flip out when they hear this. "

    ~ Roberta B.